European countries must take precedence

The Government’s proposals for new EU climate and energy targets for 2030 is very disappointing ( Focal length 25/2 ). It does not impose a stringent climate policy in Europe, only that it opens up for large purchases of cheap and unsafe emissions credits in other countries. Buying carbon credits will not lead to a […]

Climate change is now considered security

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry believes climate change is possibly the most terrifying weapon of mass destruction in the world. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will in the future add weight to warn against the risk of devastating climate change. According to Kerry, there are several similarities between the climate threat and risk […]

Why do not we want to admit climate change?

The effects of climate change are already visible in many places, researchers say. However, most people do not see the need for action. Why is that? Psychologists know the answer. On climate change, excited “deny” the word (in English “denial”) tempers. So it rained at the American author Kari Norgaard masse Drohmails of climate skeptics, […]

Study: Climate change is a development No. 1 killer

Development experts warn that extreme weather events such as droughts and floods threaten to make the fight against poverty a farce. Instead of fighting poverty only must they prevent. Future development goals would shift the focus more to the “resilience” against climate change. The UN wants to eliminate global poverty by 2030 – but climate […]