European countries must take precedence

The Government’s proposals for new EU climate and energy targets for 2030 is very disappointing ( Focal length 25/2 ). It does not impose a stringent climate policy in Europe, only that it opens up for large purchases of cheap and unsafe emissions credits in other countries. Buying carbon credits will not lead to a shift in either Europe or Sweden. It is also very disappointing that the government does not put forward specific and ambitious targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

European countries need to take the lead and take responsibility for the climate. Is why the Left forth the following goals: EU should have zero emissions by 2050 and all energy which will be renewable. The faster we go down the right path, the easier the transition. By 2030, the Left wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60 percent compared to 1990 and reductions to be made in Europe. Energy Production shall 2030 consist of at least 45 percent renewable energy. And we want to enjoin all activities that the energy efficiency of its operations by 40 percent. Given that global emissions continue to rise and that Europe historically account for a large share of total emissions is considered to be minimum requirements.

Our climate and energy objectives are fully realistic and in line with our view on climate solidarity and what the world needs if we are to prevent an escalating climate change. But to set about also means a great opportunity to create many new green jobs. According to the European Commission’s impact assessment has higher climate and energy in a positive net impact on job creation in Europe. Here in Sweden we have for example a great opportunity to create thousands of green jobs in the construction sector by providing support for sustainable renovation of the Million Programme housing and public facilities such as schools and nursing homes.

Lena Ek and Anna-Karin Hatt’s gambit on Focal length 25/2 is yet another example of how the climate challenge are moved around like a black petter among the world’s major countries. It’s always someone else to take responsibility. In the Left, we are convinced that it is possible to embark on a different path, in Sweden and in the EU. Equality and equal societies are better equipped to cope with major challenges such as climate change. Therefore, measures to increase fairness closely associated with our policy to expeditiously reduce emissions in Sweden and in the EU. Therefore Sweden push for more ambitious targets for the EU’s climate and energy policy.

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