European countries must take precedence

The Government’s proposals for new EU climate and energy targets for 2030 is very disappointing ( Focal length 25/2 ). It does not impose a stringent climate policy in Europe, only that it opens up for large purchases of cheap and unsafe emissions credits in other countries. Buying carbon credits will not lead to a shift in either Europe or Sweden. It is also very disappointing that the government does not put forward specific and ambitious targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

European countries need to take the lead and take responsibility for the climate. Is why the Left forth the following goals: EU should have zero emissions by 2050 and all energy which will be renewable. The faster we go down the right path, the easier the transition. By 2030, the Left wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60 percent compared to 1990 and reductions to be made in Europe. Energy Production shall 2030 consist of at least 45 percent renewable energy. And we want to enjoin all activities that the energy efficiency of its operations by 40 percent. Given that global emissions continue to rise and that Europe historically account for a large share of total emissions is considered to be minimum requirements.

Our climate and energy objectives are fully realistic and in line with our view on climate solidarity and what the world needs if we are to prevent an escalating climate change. But to set about also means a great opportunity to create many new green jobs. According to the European Commission’s impact assessment has higher climate and energy in a positive net impact on job creation in Europe. Here in Sweden we have for example a great opportunity to create thousands of green jobs in the construction sector by providing support for sustainable renovation of the Million Programme housing and public facilities such as schools and nursing homes.

Lena Ek and Anna-Karin Hatt’s gambit on Focal length 25/2 is yet another example of how the climate challenge are moved around like a black petter among the world’s major countries. It’s always someone else to take responsibility. In the Left, we are convinced that it is possible to embark on a different path, in Sweden and in the EU. Equality and equal societies are better equipped to cope with major challenges such as climate change. Therefore, measures to increase fairness closely associated with our policy to expeditiously reduce emissions in Sweden and in the EU. Therefore Sweden push for more ambitious targets for the EU’s climate and energy policy.


  • In South Vietnam is also correct because the climate now, so where is the hard one for the life of the people.

  • A good post. Lost of love.

  • False alarm of Ebola in Valencia

    In Europe , the protocol for suspected Ebola was activated for the first time in history in Valencia ( Spain ), on June 25 of 2014 . The patient who made ​​the alarm, passenger on a flight from Morocco , was taken to hospital La Fe of Valencia , until it was discharged. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC), was the only suspected case registered at European level to that moment.
    Ebola in Madrid
    States should be prepared to facilitate the evacuation and repatriation of its citizens (eg, health professionals) who have been exposed to the Ebola virus.
    – World Health Organization (8 August 2014).
    The General University Hospital of Alicante reported a false alarm.

    A month after the false alarm in Valencia for transmission of the Ebola finally a case was confirmed. On 5 August of 2014 , the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God confirmed that Miguel Pajares, a religious Spanish 75, a native of Toledo , who was in the Republic of Liberia to participate in the work of controlling the epidemic of Ebola that lashed the country in 2014, was infected. Pajares was repatriated to Spain August 7 of 2014 , with the Spanish-Equatorial religious Juliana Bonoha through a medicalized aircraft UMAER (Unit of Medical Aeroevacuación) of Spanish Air in an operation that took place in 48 hours. Pajares and Bonoha were isolated and treated at the Hospital Carlos III of Madrid , and Pajares was applied experimental serum sent from EE. UU. but nevertheless died a few days later, on August 12 of 2014 . Bonoha Sister Juliana, who was confirmed uninfected being discharged on August 28 .
    Alarms in Salamanca, Alicante and Basurto

    On August 12 he was admitted to the University Hospital of Salamanca a young Nigerian with fever. Isolation protocol, keeping the patient in a room on the sixth floor of the hospital complex was activated. After testing for Ebola and malaria, two diseases were ruled out. Also, the August 25 , in the same hospital in the capital charra, went to the emergency room a woman from Gabon , having been entered by fever. After appropriate testing, doctors reported that they suffered “epidemiological criteria,” ruling that the patient suffered Ebola.

    On August 16 he was admitted to the University Hospital of Sant Joan de Alicante (sent from the Hospital General Universitario de Alicante ) a man of origin Nigerian with symptoms to have Ebola, which was later dismissed as a hoax.

    On August 18 of 2014 , the Basque Health Service activated the protocol against Ebola and isolated in the University Hospital Basurto ( Bilbao ) to a patient who presented with fever. The patient returned from a trip to Sierra Leone . Also this case was a false alarm.
    Early September
    Electron micrograph of a virus particle or virion Ebola.

    As of early September, followed reporting possible new cases of Ebola in Pamplona, Mallorca and Murcia, then discarded.
    Second repatriation

    On September 20, it was confirmed that another Spanish missionary, Manuel García Viejo, medical director of the Hospital San Juan de Dios Lunsar , Sierra Leone , was also infected with Ebola. The religious and Hospitaller Order of St. John of God called for his repatriation to Spain. He was transferred to Spain and died on September 25 of 2014 .
    First case of infection in Spain

    On October 6, it was reported that one of the nursing assistants Carlos III Hospital who had attended the mission Viejo Manuel Garcia had been infected, announced as a first test on the health care worker. It was thus the first case of infection in the country and in Europe. The patient was admitted with fever in the emergency room of University Hospital Fundación Alcorcón and sent to Carlos III Institute, tested positive in the first and second test.

    According to medical sources, the protocol is a case of Ebola was activated. Subsequently, the European Commission requested information on the protocol being carried out with the missionary repatriated, and how it was possible contagion if, in theory, was successful.

    On 7 October, three other cases were still under study. The husband of the infected nursing assistant and an engineer who traveled to the area of ​​the outbreak were isolated in hospitals in Madrid. The latter was negative in the first analysis and the possibility of suffering shuffled malaria . The third case was also a nurse at the Hospital Carlos III who attended the two returnees. She presented with diarrhea and had no fever, but health officials also activated the protocol. After performing the relevant evidence, Health dismissed the spread of this second nurse.

    The nursing assistant infected received experimental treatment, the immune serum of Paciencia Melgar missionary who overcame the disease after getting in town Liberia in Monrovia , after ruling the experimental serum ZMapp as it is depleted. The authorities also reported desinfectarían that the common areas of the farm where the infected lives and sacrifice the dog that lived and was still in the home.

    That same day, Alcorcón Hospital nurses reported that Ebola infected was treated in hospital emergency without security measures and hospital management did not report the case to the doctors and nurses. The way people communicate, according to medical personnel declared himself was through a group of Whatsapp . At the time of confirmation of infection, the patient was isolated by a screen and a couple of backup tapes and staffed by personnel without any protection. Medical personnel who attended did not use any individually tailored biosecurity. Only one nurse used a mask to enter your room. Finally, ensure that the nurse was derived from the Carlos III Hospital until his benchmark, Alcorcón, saying that “if the return was positive Carlos III”.

    On 8 October, the head of Internal Medicine of the Hospital Universitario La Paz , Germán Ramírez, said the patient herself said it was possible that the infection had occurred to doffing biosafety since the nurse “told the possibility that it could have been a contact and removing gloves that might have contact with the face “. It was also learned that the doctor of the infected him that had the flu and that the Hospital Carlos III maintained contact phone with her ​​working for five days knowing that presented fever , but did not assess the possibility of Ebola virus infection. Two hairdressers who plucked when the nurse showed symptoms of infection are under observation, along with 84 people active follow-up.

    Although concentrations Animalista Match Against Animal Abuse and animalistic , dog nurse, named Excalibur, was sacrificed on the afternoon of Wednesday the Madrid authorities, who took refuge in the ratification of the Court of Administrative Litigation 2 of Madrid. The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy , said the authorities of the European Union applauded the management of viral Spanish crisis and publicly supported the Health Minister Ana Mato . Despite the hypothesis of contagion by misuse of the gloves, the Office of Madrid opened proceedings to clarify the circumstances of infection. The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid hired a company disinfection began the night of 8 cleaning box which was infected in the Hospital Alcorcón.

    On October 9 , the health nurse infected worsened, reaching requiring intubation. It was learned that doctors who serve fourteen other treatment tested the patient. The number of people under observation at the Hospital Carlos III increased to seven and the number of citizens under active follow-up to 84 New voluntarily admitted for observation were two doctors of the Alcorcon Hospital and a nurse and were discharged from a nursing assistant who treated the infected and the Spanish engineer who came from Nigeria with febrile illness. One of the doctors Alcorcón observation reported failures reiterated in the security protocol.

    That same day, they came forward several reactions in the political field. The People’s Party , the ruling party, said he does not believe that there was a “relaxation” protocol, but a bad performance of nursing assistant. Also, the spokesman Socialist Parliamentary Group in the House of Representatives , Antonio Hernando , asked President Rajoy him presiding committee Mato crisis and not the minister. He justified this request by the “social alarm” and to “improve the coordination, organization and information ‘.

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